Greta Brinkman's B4L

This si a great addition to the site - Greta is a Carvin endorser, and has made a real name for herself by touring with Moby (appeared on the Letterman show with Moby also, right in high-fiving distance of fellow Carvin endorser Will Lee), as well as playing with the Debbie Harry band and loads of other talented musicians.

Greta says:

"I love my Carvin, for two main reasons: it is very light, and the neck is SOOOO comfortable!  Plus, I've played in the blazing tropical heat and in the snow, and it never goes out of tune!"

Right on, Greta!  Thanks for sharing!

Greta also referred me to her photographer, Russ at Red Star Photo.  He took all the photos you see here, so obviously, his work his top notch.  If you need someone to shoot your publicity photos, CD inserts, or your basses to send to me, give him a shout.  And thanks to Russ for allowing me use these here.

Photos of Greta Russ Bryant/Red Star Photo


Richard Hildebrandt's B4

This is the nicest B4 - in fact, one of the nicest basses in general - ever submitted to the Museum.  It has a walnut body with a sunsetburst flamed koa top and mahogany neck.  What really sets this B4 apart from most is that it has dual HB-Series pickups with coil splitters for each.  Other features include chrome hardware, stainless steel frets and abalone dot inlays.  Richard says:

"When I played my AC40F for the first time, I fell in love with the feel of the neck.  The more I played it, the more I hated the feel of the neck on my Fender, (great sound, ugly feeling neck, but that is just me) so I almost immediately started planning my next Carvin.  It took me a little over 2 years get my B4 and now I have a hard time putting it down, so the photo's don't do either bass justice.  My B4 is everything I had hoped it would be.  With two HB2's & splitters for both I can get about any sound I could need or want, and it is so loud I had to open the back and make sure they hadn't slipped in a battery!  I just can't imagine needing another bass to add to my two Carvins."

You can see Richard's AC40F right here.

Brian's B4
Carvin BBS ID: briman

This B4 is very nice - certainly rivals high-end basses made by other manufacturers, and I'd pick it over a P-bass or something similar any day.  That's one of the great things about Carvin - you can get a good priced bass with high end features that looks and plays better than basses costing 2 or 3 times as much.

And look at that flame!  One of the nicest flame tops I've seen.  Most of 'em are a tight pattern, but this is somewhere between a flame and a quilt, which I think is very nice.  Well done!

Russ Dumas' B4
Carvin BBS ID: shiva

Here's a great looking B4, in Pearl Silver.   Other features include chrome hardware, and the venerable HB2/J99 pickup package with coil splitter.  Very nice!  Russ says:

"My benchmark bass for comparisons is a 1982 Gibson Victory Bass...The B4 is approximately HALF the weight, and completely perfectly balanced. Although incredibly light (by my standards anyway) it feels so completely solid, almost as if it were a neck through. Action seems a bit low, and the minor buzzing is there (but will be giving it the recommended 1-2 weeks before messing with the truss rod) (NOTE: 4 days later, dead on PERFECT). Intonation set perfectly. I went with the HB2 in the bridge, passive electronics ("I" really have no need for 4-5 variations of equalization in the chain with the music I play). The sound of the J-99 alone, eh, nothing that thrills me, but, doesn't suck...the HB2 alone, balls to the wall snot, way cool. Blended equally (both volume full) has a very nice, full, powerful sound (my favorite of the 3). The finish, first off, I would not call it pearl silver...maybe "metallic charcoal" would be more appropriate...I absolutely love the color, the fine metal flakes, and the overall finish. It IS a very pretty bass, and am anxiously looking forward to our gig this Saturday to see what it looks like under the lights...I'm sure it'll pick up several colors, as I noticed last night that it almost had a greenish tint to it, but it was really a reflection thing...should be cool."

Woody Green's B5

This is a very nice 2005 B5 model, finished in translucent deep purple.  It also has the active electronics upgrade with HB-series humbucker and black chrome hardware.

Woody also has a gorgeous LB70 in flamed koa - see it right here.

Carl's B5F

This is a terrific example of an early 2000's B5F.  It's finished in Harlequin Prismatique, with an unlined ebony board on a maple neck and an alder body.  Electronics have been upgraded to active, with an HB-Series humbucker in the bridge position.  Black chrome hardware rounds out the package.  Cool!

Ken Burgner's B5 & B5F
Carvin BBS ID: bassclef

Wow, take a look at these.  Just incredible - so similar, yet so different.  Both were made in 2001.

On the left is Ken's B5 (fretted), featuring a quilted maple top on alder body, maple neck/maple fingerboard, strings-thru-body, Hipshot bridge, J99 pickups and active electronics. 

On the right is the B5F (fretless).  It obviously is made from walnut, with a maple neck.  It also features stings-thru-body, Hipshot bridge, and a J99/HB2 pickup combination with active electronics.

Markus Nee's B5F

This is Markus' second Carvin bass (behind his LB75 - see it right here).  This is a cool unlined fretless model, finished in Vintage Yellow with gold hardware.

On the left is Markus playing his B5 (fretted) with his band, North.