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The NEW Carvin NAMM stage

Carvin's new NAMM show display booth features a 20ft by 50ft concert rigged truss system. The frame of the truss is assembled on the floor with all lights and power cables. It is then lifted 16ft off the ground by a professional motor driven chain hoist. This is the same type of rigging used in outdoor concerts! We also have a stage with a backline of bass and guitar amps. The foot of the stage has all Carvin's combo guitar amps along with the SX300R preamp with headphones. NAMM attendees are able to play their choice of guitar through the SX300R.
Turn Turn Turn!
Here is another shot of the stage as we set up. You'll notice the guitars hanging in the foreground. These are but 2 of 12 instruments that are suspended 12ft in the air by custom rotating guitar hangers. The instruments rotate 1rpm. The PAR can lights illuminate each guitar. See more photos below

What's this?
A Prototype Carvin with the New Floyd Rose System! What happened to the tuners??


Carvin is debuting 2 new Custom Shop colors at NAMM. Shown here is a very retro Sea Foam Blue. There is a also a green pastel color that is very retro!

I'll post more photos of the finished booth in the next couple of days.



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