Carvin stopped to catch it's breath in 1985.  With the exception of the V220, now in it's sophomore year, everything was the same.  However, there were slight price increases across the board - about $20 on each model.  That was offset, though, by a reduction in the cost of the Kahler Pro tremolo, which dropped $20.  The SH225 was absent from the catalog, but was still available, and would reappear in print in 1986.

1985 Basses

1985 Guitar Amps

1985 Bass Amps

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1985 Carvin Summer/Fall Catalog Cover
1985 Carvin CM130 & CM140 Guitars 1985 Carvin DC150 Guitar 1985 Carvin DC100 Guitar 1985 Carvin DC160 Guitar
1985 Carvin DC200 Guitar 1985 Carvin DC200 Koa Guitar

The photos and specifications of Carvin's guitar lineup was the same as the 1984 catalog, but there were new customer comments on most of the pages, as well as the price increases mentioned above.  On the top row, from left to right, is the CM140, DC150, DC100 and DC160.  On this row, far left is the DC200, and near left, the DC200 Koa.

1985 Carvin V220 Guitar

The V220 could be seen throughout the 1985 catalog.  It was given the above two-page spread, as well as the below customer comments page.  It also adorned the back cover of the catalog, as was featured in several endorser's photos.  It had one minor change, and that was the replacement of the plastic knobs with new chrome or gold metal knobs.  Like other models, it's price increased to $419 (from $399) for the hardtail version, or $569 (versus $549) for the Kahler-equipped model.  Optional koa wood increased to $50.

1985 Carvin V220 Guitar

1985 Carvin DN612 & DN640 Doubleneck Guitars

Like the other guitar models, the DN612 & DN640 (left) used the same picture as in previous years, but had new customer comments and new pricing.

This is the back cover of the 1985 catalog, featuring a white V220 with Kahler tremolo in from of an X-100B tube stack amp.  Beginning in 1984, Carvin catalogs had a very heavy card-stock cover, making for a nice, protective folder for the catalog.

1985 Carvin Catalog Back Cover
1985 Carvin Endorsers - Lita Ford 1985 Carvin Endorsers - Howard Leese of Heart 1985 Carvin Endorsers - Francis Buckholz of The Scorpions
1985 Carvin Endorsers - Pete Sears of Jefferson Starship 1985 Carvin Endorsers - Steve Vai 1985 Carvin Endorsers - Roger Capps of Pat Benatar
1985 Carvin Endorsers - Jaco Pastorious 1985 Carvin Endorsers - Snowy White from Thin Lizzy, Pink Floyd

There were plenty of big-time endorsers throughout the 1985 catalog.  The catalog had dozens of photos of musicians who were popular in the 80's, as well as ones who were up-and-coming at the time.  On the top row, from left to right, is Lita Ford, Howard Leese (from Heart) and Francis Buckholz (from the Scorpions).  The middle row, from left to right, shows Pete Sears (from Jefferson Starship), Steve Vai, and Roger Capps (from Pat Benatar).  The bottom row shows Jaco Pastorious and Snowy White (from Thin Lizzy).