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In 2005, Carvin began a direct marketing effort geared towards overseas customers.   As it was, overseas customers had to make purchases through local resellers, and could not order directly from Carvin, either over the phone, or via the Internet.  So, to eliminate confusion over prices, duties, and so on, Carvin created a website that most international visitors were automatically routed to, CarvinWorld.com.  Additionally, they produced an "overseas only" version of the catalog.  This catalog had no pricing, no contact information, and at 32 pages, was considerably smaller than the US version.  Not all basses were represented, either - there were no Anniversary Series basses, BB Series basses, AC Series basses or TBS4 basses.  

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2005 Carvin World LB70 Bass

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There were only two pages of basses in the CarvinWorld catalog (compared to seven pages in the US version).  The LB70 was combined with the B4 and B5 models, and the LB20 and TBS4, both variants of the LB70, weren't shown at all.

2005 Carvin World LB75 & LB76 Bass

The only other models shown in the CarvinWorld catalog were the LB75 and LB76, and the extended-scale XB75 and XB76.